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Obtain Inbox Positioning Insight

Being shut out by a minimum of only one primary ISP may influence the whole entire email advertising and marketing project.

Through tracking shipment to all significant ISPs, we receive real-time where your advertising and marketing email winds up: Inbox, Spam, or even Updates. And our experts save you money and time by helping you track and also correct possible deliverability issues.

You can compare a number of exams sent out with various email service providers to find which email provider offers the very best deliverability and usage that supplier for your crucial email projects.

Inspect Reputation Just Before You Send out

Are some of your Internet Protocol addresses or domain on any kind of blacklists? If therefore, your email might not hit the inbox at all. Our company evaluate your delivering IP against fifty+ of the absolute most common market blacklists and aid you diagnose and also address deliverability problems for continuous deliverability. Our international blacklist coverage consists of Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS, Invaluement, and various other blacklists.

You can easily setup a computerized procedure of checking your Internet protocols against blacklists as well as be alerted via email when the Internet Protocol acquired specified.

Run Automatic Examinations

Check your negotiable or even outreach e-mails automatically often and be notified through email when your message begins getting to the Spam directory at some of the picked mail box providers.

You may create various email sending profiles making use of various SMTP setups as well as run automated examinations through different accounts to evaluate each SMTP server as well as determine deliverability issues when they develop.

E-mails that don’t reach the Inbox will not acquire go through!

Recognize Risky Information

G-Lock Apps inspections your email for high-risk web content that may raise a warning along with an email provider and form the difference between the Inbox or spam/bulk file shipping.

Gmail Button Tracking

You may receive exposure right into distribution functionality at Gmail. G-Lock Apps tracks whether your email is actually provided to the Gmail’s Primary, Social, or even Promotions tabs.

Shipment Duration Tracking

Shipping length tracking assists you establish if there is a problem with an ISP strangling as this could be harmful for opportunity sensitive promos or even crucial purchase emails.

Spam Rating Testing

We operate your fake website checker web content via usual spam filters including Google Spam Filter, Barracuda, SpamAssassin, and Mimecast and return you an itemized reviews that often suggests a particular information issue.

Inbox Fee Monitoring

G-Lock Apps tracks your Inbox, spam, and overlooked percents giving you the best correct as well as complete details around your Inbox positioning by project.

Verification Testing

G-Lock Application examinations your sender authorization each opportunity you send out an email to our seed checklist. You’ll find whether or not your notification is actually passing DKIM and also SPF authorization.

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